Being a nurse in a global pandemic is a unique and challenging calling.

If you are like most healthcare professionals, you became a nurse to save lives and to help others. Depending on where you work, both of those desires have been deeply challenged over the last year. Ethical dilemmas abound, and so do Casualties and disability.

Long hours and tiring work have always been a part of nursing, but that has become ever so much more so during the ongoing pandemic. Mandatory quarantines, parents staying home with children who are doing school online, and higher patient loads in acute care, rehab, and long term care lead to chronic short-staffing.

Risk of life has increased everywhere, but especially felt by those caring for known COVID-positive patients. Add to that the stress of perhaps carrying COVID to a family member, and nurses are bearing a load of anxiety such as hasn’t been known in decades.

I became a nurse to save lives and help others. You, too, probably.

Together, let’s take a deep breath and remember that this hasn’t changed. Get a good night’s sleep, strap on your N95, wash your hands, smile with your eyes, and go bring your unique blend of caring and skill into a world that desperately needs it.

From a VCS Healthcare Nurse!